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​Crane Mats
Crane Mats

     To better meet client and climate needs, our company offers mats in a variety of dimensions and materials, including a synthetic mat made using our own proprietary formula.

Crane Mat Options:  
Material     Beam     Length     Width
​Wood          8 in         12-18 ft    4 ft
Wood         12 in​       20-40 ft    4 ft
Synthetic   6-8 in​      8-14 ft      4 ft  ​

**all crane mats are four feet wide.
​​​​HB II Resources's crane mats have various applications. They can be used where there is a need to support heavy equipment, such as when driving through low lying swampy areas. They are also usefulin supporting the rig structure on rig pad locations.

​     HB II Resources currently provides pipeline companies with crane mat services and rentals. We perform installation and removal of mats as well.

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